Can you win money without depositing?

How can you win money without depositing?

Online casinos are places where people gamble for free or with real money. When you stake your money and use the right skills, you can win a lot of money. But can you win money without depositing? This important question is answered in this online gambling guide. To begin with, you can get free bonuses without spending your precious cash in your online casino. This is true, and if you want to uncover the secret, continue reading this article. Have you heard of a No Deposit Bonus. This free money is awarded when you sign up with your casino and do not make any deposits. Usually, many casinos insist that you do make some deposits to fund your gambling. However, there are quite a few gambling sites that let you play without spending and earn handsome amounts of money too. There are other ways of getting your No Deposit Bonus. For instance, by liking the Facebook page of casino.

Free Spins

Some online casino no minimum deposit freebies include Free Spins. These could accompany your Deposit Bonus or No Deposit Bonus or come independently. Free Spins can unlock many hidden features in your online slot game, and also trigger more bonus spins. If you receive these bonus spins, make sure that the games you are allowed to choose have Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers. More on these symbols later in this article. Also read all the Free Spins terms and conditions. There are some other ways of receiving your bonus for free. Many casinos are aligned with specific websites. The former usually promote their favorite websites by providing exclusive bonuses. Let's take the example of a casino X that is promoting a website Y. It says that if you create your online casino account by visiting Y, we would give you a bonus Z. You do that and automatically you receive a bonus code in your mail box. You can redeem that code and begin playing. This being the age of friendship and bonding, and helping each other out, you can receive a free bonus also by friend referrals. Online casinos are all the time trying to get new players on board. To get these people, these casinos give out referral codes to their existing players whenever the latter refer these casinos to their friends. So if you are on casino X, you might receive a bonus code for pointing out your casino to your friend Y.
  • Your referral code will only only if your friend opens his account and begins playing on that casino.

Free Scratch Cards

There is another way to receive your free bonus and that through free scratch cards. What are scratch cards? These are small rectangular cards which carry a code hidden by a thin layer of silver or some other substance. When you scratch thus layer, the code is revealed to you and you can input it n your cashier section to play games. Scratch cards are normally bought in casinos but if you are lucky, you might get them for free.

How can you win money without depositing?

The fun doesn't stop with free scratch cards, free spins or your no deposit bonus. As we have seen earlier, casinos are all the time trying to rope in new players. One way of doing this is to try enlist people in their mailing lists. If ever you get an offer from a casino, grab that offer; who knows you might receive a No Deposit Bonus? You might also receive a Free Spin or some free bonus via cross marketing campaigns.

Bonus terms and conditions

Every free bonus ( including free spins) is accompanied by a big list of terms and conditions. The main ones are that your bonus is subject certain wagering requirements, and that your free gambling money must be consumed within a specified period. If that time period runs out, you lose your free bonus. Thirdly, you cannot transfer your bonus to someone else. This bonus belongs to you only. Another important condition is that bonuses are usually awarded to just one person per household.

What is a good No Deposit Bonus?

Not every No Deposit Bonus is profitable. Some come with high wagering requirements while others have little or no such requirements. Choose a bonus that has a very small wagering requirement. It depends upon you to decide how small it should be. A No Deposit Bonus of $5 with 50x is has a lower betting requirement than the same mount with 100x. In the former case, the wagering amount is 250 USD while in the latter case it is 500 $.

Wilds and Scatters

Finally, a word about these symbols. Wilds help you substitute for the missing symbols in a winning combination. There are at least 4 kinds of Wilds and having this symbol in your slot increases your winning chances dramatically. If you have Free Spins, use them to get even more free spins and bonus rounds. This can be done through Scatters. Not all slots have scatters. Your No Deposit Bonus could also trigger up Multipliers that can award you x2, x3, or even more of your base winnings.