Use A Craps Betting Scheme To Manage Your Money

The idea that you can walk into a casino or open one on your computer, place a single bet and win a huge sum of money is something that is overplayed. Sure, it happens to some people (some very lucky people) but the truth is that most folks will need to earn their fortunes over time. A craps betting scheme is just one way to manage your money and earn slow, steady money.

Perhaps the best craps betting scheme out there is known as the 22 Inside Method. You will essentially enjoy low-risk bets on multiple numbers, allowing you to earn the maximum possible amounts and extend your bankroll. Experienced gamblers and those who play regularly prefer it because it has a low house edge and is more stable than other systems. The inside numbers are 5, 6 and 9. The idea, then, is to place four individual Place wagers on each of these rather than the traditional Come or Pass. The house edge for the 6 in this case is 1.56% and it carries a payout of 7:6, which is marginal but still a profit. For the 5, the house edge climbs to 4% but the payout is 7:5. Overall, with four independent wagers on these numbers, you end up with a house edge of only 2.65% and a payout of 14:11. For it to work, though, you have to be incredibly patient and make sure that you have a significant bankroll at the beginning of your session. There is no denying that you will lose part of the time since the odds are never in your favor, but you also have the up on the casino since you are maximizing your risk to profit margin.

One of the best places to give this 22 Inside Method a go is at 888 Casino. You can get started for free if you would like, but they'll give you a handsome welcome package consisting of a healthy deposit match whenever you create your account and fund it using one of the many methods they make available. Over time, you're sure to see that this system really can work!