Paypal Online Casino Banking

PayPal is a very popular e-wallet service provider that was founded in 1998 and was eventually bought out by eBay in 2002. It has won multiple awards for its service and is by far the most widely used alternative payment method for online shopping in the United States. In order to use it, consumers must first fund their accounts using a credit card, debit card or bank account. In fact, it is entirely possible for consumers to have their paychecks directly deposited into their PayPal accounts, as well. Of course, due to the laws that govern online gambling in the US, it is impossible to make PayPal casino deposits although there are some legal online casinos, such as 888, is hoping that this will change with the new changes in the States. However, in Canada, online gambling with Paypal this is highly unlikely.

Some of the most useful PayPal information is that the company accepts users from 43 countries around the world to date, and Canadian users never have to pay any fees in order to use the services provided by the company. Depositing money into a PayPal account takes between one and three days, but withdrawing money can take up to five. Members can not only make payments to various online merchants, but they can receive payments and transfer money to other users, as well.

The service comes highly recommended because of the incredibly low fees, particularly for personal users. People who have personal accounts can receive up to $100 per month in payments with absolutely no cost involved, but business account holders are charged a commission each time they receive money. However, instead of large fees of up to $25 which are charged by many providers, this company charges only a small percentage of the transaction and a very small transaction fee. This is likely why the service continues to be so popular in the United States as well as in other countries around the world.

Some of the other PayPal information available is not quite as positive. The company is highly overprotective as it does not allow members of certain countries to create accounts. In other cases, members in some countries can send funds but cannot receive any funds via this e-wallet. This can be quite frustrating since many people work freelance positions and rely on this payment method to receive their funds. Similarly, there are other users who have reported that PayPal has suspended their accounts without any warning and without providing good reason--even inside the United States.

There are eight preferred countries in which merchants can transfer funds from their PayPal accounts into consumer accounts, but outside of these eight countries, things often become difficult. For this reason, it is all but impossible for consumers to withdraw casino winnings into their PayPal accounts. Merchants have asked PayPal why they cannot simply mail the funds to the consumer after deducting them from the merchants' accounts, but PayPal has responded that they are dedicated to remaining an electronic company and that sending paper checks to consumers in such a manner is an expensive endeavor.