Winning in Poker: Skill VS Luck

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It is already known throughout the industry that poker is one of the oldest waging game that is still existing today and through the countless years that it's been played by innumerable amount of players, there are still questions and debates on the role of skill vs luck on the game. Skill and luck are two of the most influential aspects in winning certain waging games. Though some argues that pokie is purely a game of skill, there are still some who provides defense on the side of luck.

With the game of poker continuously rising to popularity, there have been countless studies initiated and implemented to pinpoint the skill vs luck elements within the game. Knowing such important information will definitely redefine the way players play this famous game and for some, it may be a beneficial fact that will prove to be helpful in decision-making.

One of the studies to test out the skill vs luck elements in the game was done somewhere in the year 2012. The study involved the participation of 300 players in order to create a feasible percentage to prove what element outweighs the other in the game. The 300 players consisted of professional players and those who aren't pokie players at all. They were divided accordingly to their respective groups, pinned against each other through the game of Texas Hold'em of 60-hands. The player's interest on the game were not factored and at the end of the line, it was summarized that professionals and non-players were almost even on winnings.

With such findings, the fight definitely inclined on the side of luck, however, findings involving the 'human element' on the game, evened it out once again. Players on both land-based and web-based were able to blow away findings on the first study. Recently, a program with innovative and revolutionary algorithm named Cepheus was dubbed as an unbeatable player of pokie, which further questioned the prevalence of luck over skill in the game. If it was programmed, then skill is definitely far heavier on the game than luck.